Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Say hello to Yun Zi

He is a new celebrity in San Diego Zoo.:)
His fame started with his birth in August. The San Diego Zoo’s Web site crashed that day as fans worldwide piled in to watch the “panda cam.” The celebrity status continued Tuesday, when the cute-as-pie cub got a name: Yun Zi, which means “son of cloud.” His mother is Bai Yun, or “white cloud.”

Zoo leaders had expected the public to suggest just a few names for Bai Yun’s fifth cub. They instead received more than 6,300, and then 17,500 people voted online for one of five finalists.
If you've got a little time please checkout the webcam. It is worth it!:)

O az uj unnepeltje a San Diego-i allatkertnek. Augusztusban szuletett, orszagos szavazas utan napokban kapta a nevet -Yun Zi , ami annyit jelent, hogy a "felho fia, felhofiu" :) Webcamaran lathatjatok, csoda helyes!:)


s@só said...

háááá :)))))

Nauli said...

Hi, I found you at the etsy-forum and just became your follower. Become mine, too and join my giveaway! - Especially if you like red.
I love the bright colours of your jewellery!

juditsd said...

Thanks Nauli!:)
You've a nice blog!

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