Monday, November 16, 2009

1/2 day in LA

A half day can be a lot!:) Even in Los Angeles! The reason we went to LA was the Hungarian Film Festival. But to make our trip more worthy we spent a little time in the city before the film. First, we wanted to see the Watts Towers! You need to take a little risk, it’s not the safest area in LA.... This is a very strange tower built by an Italian immigrant Simon Rodia. It took him about 33 yrs.......Steel pipes, ropes, soft drink bottles, mesh, mortar...It’s like a recycled art... Somehow the shapes reminds me of Gaudi's architecture.

Egy ugyesen szervezett fel nap meg Los Angelesben is sok lehet!:) A Magyar Filfesztivalert mentunk most LA-be, de ha mar ....akkor jot a hasznossal!:) Megneztuk a Watts Tower-t. Egy kis rizikot vallalni kell ezert, hiszen LA egyik legveszelyesebb varosreszeben van. A torony maga eleg furi, olasz bevandorlo, Simon Rodia epitgette a szabadidejeben, kb 33 evecskeig...Fem, vas, cement, uditos uvegek, -igazi ujrahasznosito muveszet! A torony formaja Gaudi tornyaira emlekeztettek.

In the Watts neighborhood you see the "other side of LA". This is not Hollywood with happy ending stories... It’s a brutal reality. In this part of the city people are struggling with everyday life, the future is always uncertain here..... It’s easy to judge people - I'm not going to. Never did, never will.

Ez a Watts nevu varosresz Los Angeles masik arca. Nem Hollywood a maga kis happy endes sztoriajival - ez itt a brutalis valosag. Az itt elo emberek a mindennapokkal kuzdenek, a jovo itt mindig bizonytalan. Persze itelkezni konnyu felettuk - nem az en dolgom, nem fogok.

After Watts our next plan was to see Collection: MOCA's First Thirty Years
Unbelievable collection, in many different media, "a range of art-historical movements and styles since World War II, from abstract expressionism of the late 1940s and ’50s to pop, minimal, and conceptual art of the ’60s and ’70s, demonstrating the myriad ways contemporary art has addressed aesthetic, political, and philosophical concerns"

Watts utan mentunk a Modern Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) -ba. Fantasztikus gyujtemenyes kiallitas a II vilaghabotu utani idoszakbol.

And the day was still not ending! :)

Before the movie we had a little more time, so we took a short walk in Chinatown:)
It’s always fun to go there!:)

Es a napnak meg nincs vege, a film elott volt egy kis idonk egy gyors setara a Chinatown-ban!:)

In The Hungarian Film Fest we saw Prima Primavera.
I liked it!

Prima Primavera-t lattuk a moziban, ( ami nem is mozi, hanem egy filmstudioban volt) Lukacs Andorral.....Tetszett - de errol mar nincs erom irni!:))

It was a little "long day" but I enjoyed it a lot!:)


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Lovely photos!

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Igen szép és tartalmas félnap (nagyvarázslat ennyit belerakni).
És diégóban leesett a hó?!?! jáhóóóóó:)))))))))))

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