Friday, October 30, 2009

Winter songs

Eventhough I do like traditional Christmas songs but they can be ...... hmmmm:) too much overbearing - over and over the same songs every year. That's why I'm always looking for something less overused music. The new Sting album is just what I was looking for: old lullabies, carols and two of Sting's own songs. Very soft and beautiful - like a gorgeous winter day

Szeretem en a klasszikus karacsonyi dalokat, Rudolfot a renszarvasaival ,de megis minden evben jol esik valami ujat is hallgatni, valami mast!:) Az iden ez az uj Sting lemez lesz. Csodaszep teli zenek, balladak, altatodalok - feldolgozva,lelassitva, kicsit jazzesitve, olyan zene amivel jo bekuckozni a hideg napokon!:)

Az egyik legszebb dal es az egyik masik legszebb :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crafters' workspaces

Check out akane's blog - cool workspaces featured - including Glassimo!:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3dots - my new necklace on Etsy

Simple. Delicate. Simply Glassimo! :)

Glassimo on Funny Sky Creations

I had the privilege to be featured on funny sky blog! Check out her blog - you will find a big variety of creative stuff there!

Thank you funny sky! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bethany & Rufus Roots Quartet

I was lucky enough to see them live on stage in SD - and since then they are one of my favorites.

About the CD release:
Bethany & Rufus Roots Quartet "Live A Fip" CD Debuts October 22, 2009 In Europe

New World/Folk/Roots duo Bethany & Rufus along with Fulani flutist Yacouba Moumouni and Afro Haitian drummer 'Bonga' Jean-Baptiste will release a new CD, entitled "Live A Fip" on October 22, 2009. The Bethany & Rufus Roots Quartet "Live A Fip" CD features 12 tracks, and will debut in Europe on the Daqui Records label.
The "Live A Fip" CD release was a natural extension of Bethany & Rufus' collaborations with Jean-Baptiste and Moumouni. Bethany & Rufus, who share the same label with Moumouni, also shared the stage with him for one song during the 10th anniversary celebration of Daqui Records. They knew instantly that their political beliefs and musical chemistry would bond them together, catapulting them forward with continued performances. The trio became a quartet when 'Bonga' Jean-Baptiste was invited to perform with them the following summer at Les Nuits Atypique. During a promotional radio spot for the festival on Radio France in March 2009, the quartet was asked to perform live on the Live A Fip radio series, and the rest is history.
The Bethany & Rufus Roots Quartet's Live A Fip CD's strength lies not just in each artist's singular talents, but in their capacity to combine their abilities in a way that complements each member of the group to bring about a sound that is unique and groundbreaking, while incorporating concerns about global injustices, violence, and inequalities. Live A Fip is the product of a world where people and societies are interconnected, converging, and in turmoil.
One reviewer describes "Live A Fip," as "like nothing you've ever heard before. Styles from everywhere and anywhere come together seamlessly. One hears distinctly Afro-Cuban rhythms pop under driving bass lines, folksy lyrics and screaming flute. "Death Don't Have No Mercy" is particularly characteristic of this mixing and meshing. The cello is inescapably funky, the bongos complexify the rhythms, the flute line seethes with fiery reverberance, and Bethany's vocals lament the world in a way that only American folk music can."
Bethany Yarrow's voice has a deep resonance, a profound yearning that blends perfectly with the earthy sound of her band. Perhaps her voice sounds so good in this group because all of the instruments have a distinctly vocal quality about them. Yacouba Moumouni's flute imparts an especially human sound, a personification of woody vibrations that conjure images of life in its rawest form. 'Bonga' Jean-Baptiste's rhythms are complex and gel with Rufus Cappadocia's funky bass lines. Cappadocia's sound is also unique. His five string cello sound is rich in overtones that compound the earthiness of the group, and Yacouba's chants send shivers through your spine.
The whole album feels alive and growing. These are the sounds of life piercing a dry and crusted earth, its roots twisting and crawling, crackling and snapping. This music transcends the genres in which it finds its origins. It's not roots music, or blues, or funk, or jazz. While it contains elements of all of those styles, it is also unmistakably new and impossible to characterize in the traditional musical panacea. This pure, vibrating, swelling sound is open and honest. The Quartet is sincere and their music, all recorded live, makes you feel what they feel. This is an original and refreshing CD.

listen to some of the tracks from the Bethany & Rufus Roots Quartet "Live A Fip" CD

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Misty morning

I miss the real autumn season here - but I love LOVE the grayish, soft misty seaside mornings!
These pictures were taken in Del Mar,CA on Saturday morning.

Hianyzik az igazi osz nekem, de nagyon szeretem ezeket a tengerparti szurkes, kodos, paras reggeleket!!! Ezek a kepek szombat reggel Del Mar, CA-ban keszultek.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stephen Rolfe Powell

The Godfather of Kentucky Glass

I've just read an article about this artist - and his art blew me away! It's unbelievably gorgeous! I am always amazed by glass artists: the combination of they technical and artistic skills, their imagination....unbelievable!

More about the artist here

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beginner crafters attention!

I've bought this business planner - and I would recommend it to every beginner crafter or to anyone in creative business. It is a very well designed book "from big picture goals (writing a mission statement, developing marketing campaigns, launching a new line) to immediate to-dos (getting a business license, pricing products, packing for trade shows), this essential guide brims with how-to tips from industry experts. Roomy pockets catch important business cards, while tear-off notepad pages offer space to jot thoughts on the go. The lay-flat portfolio packaging makes this planner both easy to tote and durable enough to withstand all that the bumpy road to success may bring."

Craft Inc. Business Planner (Diary)
by Meg Mateo Ilasco


The end of 20/11/2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peter Benke Photography

I've found this amazing photographer at the Old Town Art Fest. His name is Peter Benke. ( Any Hungarian relation?:)) His underwater pictures are just amazing. Very unique, very artistic... like a surreal dream.....

Please check out his website - you will enter a different world!

A hetvegi Old Town Art Fest-en talaltam Peter Benke ( talan magyar osok?:)) vizalatt keszult fotoira! Valami eszmeletlen jok!! Mint egy szurrealis alomvilag - muveszien buja, bunos, gyonyoru!:)

Nezzetek meg a weboldalat - s hagyjatok magatokat elvarazsolni!:)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I like most those weekends when there is nothing which must to be accomplished; there is spontaneity. What does a perfect weekend means to you? Sometime it is perfect such as the one this time: it starts when our dog Gussy takes us out for a walk. If it is all possible it should be a small village on the seaside but not too close to the ocean because we are afraid of that (not us – the dog:)
After the walk we look for a dog-friendly café – it is always remarkable that the cafes and restaurants here are so well-prepared for dogs – water, etc.
There were two art festivals this weekend – on Saturday there was Old Town Art Fest , on Sunday there was the Street Faire in Escondido. This latter one was a bit too much like a bazaar but the antique shops around it were much more interesting! I like to weekend visits to books stores, too: the cozy armchairs where I can read all the magazines or books without being bothered!:) And the weekend is perfect if we can go to the movies or theater, too!:) We saw two movies this time: NewYork I Love You. Its brethren Paris, Je T'aime was a bit better in my opinion but even the NY version had some perfect moments! This was our lazy weekend – now come the weekdays!:)

Azokat a hetvegeket szeretem legjobban,mikor nincsenek kotelezo tennivalok, programok,minden spontan alakithato!:) Kinek mi jelenti a tokeletes hetveget? Neha tokeletesre sikerul,mint a mostani is: ugy kezdodik, hogy Gussy nevu kutyank elvisz minket setalni! Lehetoleg a tengerparti kis telepulesekre, de a vizhez azert tul kozel nem mehetunk, mert attol felunk. (Nem mi, hanem a kutya:))
Seta utan keresunk egy kutyabarat kavezot - meg mindig feltunik, hogy az itteni kavezok, ettermek teraszain mennyire keszulnek a kutyakra is - itatotalak stb. )
Ket art fest is volt ezen a hetvegen , szombaton az
Old Town Art Fest , szombaton az Street Faire Escondido-ban. Ez utobbi eleg bazarosra sikerult, viszont az antikvariumok annal nagyobb elmeny ! Szeretem a hetvegi konyvesbolt latogatasokat is, a suppedos fotelokat, ahol haboritatlanul kiolvashatom az osszes letezo magazint, de akar konyveket is!:) Es ha tokeletes a hetvege, akkor van benne mozi avagy szinhaz is!:) Most ket filmet lattunk: NewYork I Love You. (Testvere a Paris, Je T'aime szerintem jobban sikerult, de mindenkepp vannak a ny-i valtozatnak is zsenialis reszei! )
Ez volt a mi "lazy weekend"-unk, de most jonnek a munkas hetkoznapok!:)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

purples and grays

I hope I am not disappointing those people who like Glassimo for vivid colors - I like these dreamy purple and grays as much!:) This is such a purple haze series of pendants - they are being posted on Etsy:)

Remelem nem okozok csalodast azoknak,akik a vidam szineiert szeretik a Glassimot - de ugyanugy szeretem ezeket az abrandos lilakat, szurkeket is!:) Ez itt epp egy ilyen lilakodos sorozat, majd szep sorban mennek fel az Etsyre.:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

happy umbrellas

rainy days are coming - wouldn't it be much happier if no one would walk with black umbrella? The somber scenery would turn flowery!;)

jon a szurke, esos idoszak - nem lenne sokkal vidamabb, ha senki sem hordana fekete esernyot?? Csupa viragzasba borulna a komor taj!:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tom Waits Glitter & Doom Live Album Set for Release

can't wait, he is my all time fav!:) New album available November 24th.

'til then - just hold on!:)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My studio

I was asked to show my studio - so here you go. I did not clean, organize or make it pretty - this is the unedited reality. Glass fusing can be messy. I wish I had more storage and working place but this is it for a while - and I'm happy with it:)

Kertetek paran, hogy mutassam meg a muhelyem/studiom, ahol dolgozom. Ime. Nem takaritottam, nem rendeztem fotogenne - ilyen a valosag,munka kozben....:) Az uvegegetes jar egy kis rumlival...Jo lenne, ha kicsit tobb pakolo es munkafeluletem lenne - de orulok annak, ami van!:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Glassimo on Handmade Gift Guru

Glassimo interview on The Handmade Gift Guru!:)

I was so happy when I saw how professionally it was all done by Gift Guru.
Thank you Gift Guru!:)

Nagy orom volt latni, milyen profira sikerult ez az interju!:)) Koszonet erte GiftGuru-nak!!:)

Friday, October 9, 2009


My new piece on Etsy - and the inspiration :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to Preserve the Colors of Fall Foliage

I've found this article on
planet green'site By Annie B. Bond :

I saw the most beautiful peach-red leaf today, one of the most beautiful fall foliage colors I have ever seen. This is a leaf I want to keep!

My mother had a trick she used to preserve the color in fall foliage leaves, and I have since seen this technique suggested in old folk formula books. It really works, and the leaves stay on the branches and keep their color for weeks. I’m happy to share this tip, and use it myself. Here is her secret.
All you need is a little bit of vegetable glycerin, water, and newly cut branches with colorful leaves. Just put about 1/2 a teaspoon into a vase full of water, stir, and then add the branches. With this, the leaves stay on the branches and keep their color for weeks. Refresh the water and glycerin every week. Pure vegetable glycerin is available in health food stores.

I'll give it a try!:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall in Love

I took this pic today morning when I was walking the dog. :) No doubt - the Fall is here! I'll made more autumn inspired jewelry today! But all I want is now is my big morning coffee!:)
Reggeli foto, kutyasetaltatas kozben. Nincs mese - itt az osz!:) Ma keszul meg nehany osz inspiralta ekszer! De most csak egy joooo nagy kave kell nekem!!!:))

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ben Harper

I've just bought his new CD - and I love it! :) ( but ugly cover I have to tell you:))

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Magic of Fall

I've been busy working on my fall collection. As I am getting older I'm getting to start loving the fall season: I do not think anymore that this is a sad season. The chilly weather ( I wish we had more in California) ->cozy interiors, good books, changing leaves, warm clothes, boots and scarves, apple pies.....:)
Here are few of my autumn inspired necklaces. More is coming to Etsy soon!

...itt van ujra......nem volt mindig szep nekem, iskolakezdes, korai sotetedes, nyulos napok brrrrrr!! - de a korral kezdem megszeretni az oszt, mar nem gondolom szomorunak.:) A foldrehullott levelek szinei es illatai, a csipos hideg odakinnt, az otthonossag idebennt, a csizmak, kotott pulloverek,kendok, jo illatu almatortak.....:)-Ilyesmik ihlettek ezeket a darabkat dolgozom lelkesen az oszi "kollekcion", jovoheten remelem Etsy-re is feltudom tenni oket!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Anouar Brahem

Isn't it beautiful???
He has a new CD:
The Astounding Eyes of Rita
Release date: October 6
Anouar Brahem oud; Klaus Gesing bass clarinet; Björn Meyer bass; Khaled Yassine percussion
ECM brings a new album of warm, dark sounds and dancing, organic pulses from the Tunisian oud master, performed by his new band with German bass clarinettist Klaus Gesing, Swedish bassist Björn Meyer and Lebanese percussionist Khaled Yassine.
“Albums as perfect as this appear rarely…”

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