Monday, November 23, 2009

A day in countryside

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!

It is so great to get out from the city and go to the countryside. Perspectives change - you feel the sky closer to you. In the city you tend to think that every important thing happens there - but when you get out you just realize how not true that is. Our favorite "countryside" place close to San Diego is Cuyamaca Lake and Julian. The landscape is totally different there, this time the trees dress up in their gold clothes. Gorgeous! It's great to see that the area is slowly getting back to normal after the devastating fire few years ago.

Julian is famous for apple pie - of course we bought few for Thanksgiving at Mom's Bakery. There is another store where you can buy homemade goodies....jams, spices, honey, teas, salsa etc...... Our favorite is the citrus marmalade!:) There are few antique stores - they are too "country" for my taste but lovely to visit them sometimes:)

And the Farmers'Markets!:) I just love them!:) Organic vegetables and fruits, friendly, talkative sellers.....:) Really cool!:)

It was a great escape - even for a day!

Have a great week everyone!

Remek dolog idonkent kiszabadulni a varosbol! A kedvenc helyunk erre a Cuyamaca Lake es Julian falucska. Egesz mas Kalifornia ez itt, mas novenyzet, termeszetkozelibb eletforma. Julian hires az almapitejerol, kulon kultusza van, minden sutode igyekszik kicsit megcifrazni:) Persze jol bevasaroltunk most is a Mom's Bakery-ben, ahol mindig hosszu sorok kigyoznak:) Almas, meggyes, rebarbaras, boysenberry - egyik jobb,mint a masik!:) Jot turaztunk a to korul is, aztan hazafele termeszetesen megalltunk a kis piacokon - nagyon szeretem ezeket, beszedes arusok, organikus zoldseg-gyumolcs.....resze a videki kirandulasnak!:)
Szep hetet mindenkinek!

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s@só said...

jól megnéztem, megolvastam és besárgultam, mint állat :))))
hát igen.... ámerika, kalifornyá... öreg sas a rekettyésben:)))))

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