Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Do I Crave Chocolate? or My New Treasury :)

It's all about my chocolate crave :)
Tudatalatti csokolade-almok?:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beach Colors

I was inspired by the beach - shades of the sand,white,blue, and green in muted tones...Love it!
Ezt a valogatast a tengerpart inspiralta - a homok szinei, viz,eg, kagylok a parton....Megnyugtatoan visszafogott szinek. Szeretem:)

Friday, May 21, 2010


I found an amazing store on the net: Les Toiles du Soleil. It's a 150 year old French company producing traditional Catalan cotton canvas. They opened their first US shop in NYC. I fell in love whit their selection! It’s cheerful, sturdy, colorful , happy. They sell ready-made accessories, table lines, pillow cases, espadrilles (old time fave) or you can buy the fabric by yard . I wish I could sew, it's so summery!:) Too bad they have no online shop!:(

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just got this CD. I'm a big fan!:)

Art Fest?

It was a disappointing art fest in North Park this weekend. It's a shame because NP is one of the most artistic neighborhoods in San Diego with promising developments. But this "art fest" wasn't the best... I did not see any really interesting art - OK, maybe few - but it seems that we see more AT&T, Solar system, water filter etc adv booths at art fests than art. Too bad....:( So after a quick stroll through the boring commercial booths we went into a thrift shop. I like thrift shops - it is fun to find something unique like small treasures what I like. I'm not a "collector" by any means. This time I found a plate set which was extremely inexpensive... I bought it!:) I have no idea of the origin, there is no sign of any kind on the bottom.... Is anybody has an idea about this design/pattern? Where this set could have come from?:) Anyways , it looks good, isn't it?:)

Muveszeti vasar volt a hetvegen North Parkban. Csalodas! :( Egyreszt mert ez a varos egyik "muvesznegyede", masreszt egyre tobbszor futni ilyen igeretes megmozdulasba, ahol a kezmuves/ ipar es kepzomuveszti alkotasok helyett tobb a vizszurot, ajtot, ablakot, mobil telefont stb arulo stand. :( Volt persze itt is nehany erdekes ekszeres ( ok mindenhol:)), de szinte semmi mas emlitesre melto......igy gyorsan betertunk egy hasznalt cucc boltba....Mindig jo ezekben bongeszni, hatha var vmi kincs...:) Talaltam most is!:) Egy 16 db-os tanyerkeszlet - potom aron...Nem sikerult kideriteni semmit a szarmazasi helyerol, honnan johetett, de tetszik, s nem ez a lenyeg?:) Esetleg van vkinek otlete, ismeri ezeket a motivumokat?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh Lemonade - my Monday Treasury

I wanted to curate something fresh for our cloudy Monday.
Here ago:)

Process & Perception

Glassimo on Process&Perception

Thank you Liza!:)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My kind of beauties

I love Etsy's new feature the "Suggested Shop". I found many great shops which I've never seen before - and they are exactly my taste.I hope you will enjoy this collection! Tell me what you think:)

Szeretem az Etsy uj otletet, amiben az eddigi bejelolt kedvencek alapjan ujabb boltokat ajanl. ( Amazon-hoz hasonloan) Igy talaltam egy csomo gyonyoru Etsy boltra, amik teljesen az en izlesem szerintiek - ezekbol a valogatas. Tetszik/nem tetszik? :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Music

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Viva Mexico! - Kozos jatek

Megszulettek a Mexiko ihletesu alkotasok - Kreativmano blogjan megtekinthetoek!
Az enyem Cinco de Mayo napi szulemeny!:)

Az uj temank az Eskuvo lesz. Nem kimondottan eskuvoisek az ekszereim, de mar van par otletem:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Santa Barbara/CA

Our weekend started on Friday with a great concert in LA's Skirball : Saffron / A Celebration of Rumi .

That's why I like world music! People from totally different cultural and spiritual background create something very new and exciting based on traditional music and poetry. This creative art is very contemporary but in the same time represents timeless values. This is a real intellectual and cultural travel through a mixture of improvisational and composed music, eastern and western sounds, old and new. Every player listens to the others, brings their own world and they are all partners in creating this thrilling experience. ( It would be great to have such experience in the everyday life, in politics, too....)

After the concert we hit the road: the destination was Santa Barbara where we spent the weekend. It is truly the Riviera of America! It is like a treasury box, a little paradise! Perfect weather, ocean, mountains, beautifully kept architecture - we literally were on our feet for 2 days ... just walking around. And yes, we visited wine cellars too!:) Do you remember the movie Sideways?:)

It was an actively relaxing weekend - ready to work now!:)
More pictures are HERE

Friday, May 7, 2010

To All Mothers

I'll be in Santa Barbara this weekend ( no computer! :) so I would like to wish you all Happy Mother's Day now!
Love you Mom!:)

(This is my beautiful Mom and me - few years ago :))

Gray is Beautiful - my new treasury

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

preview of my tapas set

I want to show you my new "tapas set" before I post it on Etsy.

I have been working on this set for weeks (along with other pieces of course). Because of the size of my kiln I have to fuse and slump them piece by piece so it takes at least 2-3 days to create just one plate. And then the Soul of the Glass comes into the picture....I had to redo the green plate because the first one had an ugly bubble between the two layers. Bubbles are normal but that was bigger than the usual. Don't ask me why!:) Just because - just because the glass has its own personality (bad days?:)) Fortunately, glass is a recyclable, reusable material, so nothing will be wasted.

Now I have to wait for the perfect light to make some pictures!:)
If you've ever tried to photograph glass you know how difficult it is....:)

Csak egy kis elozetes bemutato,mielott fotozasra, majd az Etsy-re megy ez a szett.
Hetek ota dolgozom ( mas projectekkel parhuzamosan) ezeken a talkakon. Mivel a kemencem merete akkora, vagyis akkorka, hogy csak egyenkent tudom oket egetni, majd formara rogyasztani, hogy egy talka min. 2-3 nap. S ekkor jon kozbe az Uveg Lelke, mert ugye van neki, s neha minden ok nelkul produkal olyat,amit igazan nem kellene:) Mint pl a buborekok a retegek kozott. Ez tortent a zold talkaval is, amit ujra kellett csinalnom - (itt mar a masodik verziot latjatok) Buborekok normal velejaroi a fusing-nak, amennyiben azok nem tul nagyok avagy csunyak, egyertelmuen hibara utaloak. Naszoval,elkeszultek, most mar a tokeletes fenyekre varok, hogy tudjam fotozni oket es felrakni az Etsyre. Aki fotozott mar uveget, tudja, hogy ez sem olyan egyszeru feladat!:)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Dye/ Kekfesto

In the May issue of Country Living I found an article about Tony Shalhoub’s and Brooke Adam's very cool, laid-back style cottage. I like their funky, light, easy style - which is more about taste for simple stuff than about money. The whole house is very down to earth but I liked most are the built in day bed's cushions! It looks like just our Hungarian Kekfesto textiles!:) It was so trendy in the 70's and 80's but I have never stopped loving them!:) The variation of the patterns is endless - you can mix and match them - they will love each others! :) It looks great with wood and white walls (which is my other old time fave:)) .

More about the Hungarian BlueDye techniques can be found here

A majusi Country Living magazinban talaltam a Shalhoub/Adams szineszpar nyaralojara. Az egesz haz nagyon helyes, laza stilusu, inkabb szol a kreativitasrol, izlesrol,mint a penzrol - szoval tetszett!:) De ami leginkabb tetszett, az az egyik kanape huzata!:) Mint a mi Kekfesto anyagunk!:) Milyen nagy divat volt!:) (nem mindig tul izlesesen hasznalva...) Mai napig tetszik, foleg, ha nem tuleroltetett nepiesh!:)
Tobbet itt olvashattok errol az osi technikarol.

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