Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mothers's Day

Today is Mother's Day in Hungary. Today is especially hard to be that far away from my Mom....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Novica Nation

I just LOVE National Geographic's Novica Nation! I spend a lot of time browsing throughtheir site - for inspiration, for its beauty. I love to read about
artisans from around the world. Amazing people with tremendous talent.
Hand-made artist from small villages from Bali, Indonesia, Brazil,
Thailand etc... These artist communities were isolated for centuries by
distance, time and geography - but now we all can discover their unique
arts and crafts. Even though you may not buy anything it is so uplifting
to look at this site. I did my first purchase!:) I'm a big fan of canvas
tote bags (I have a collection:) so I couldn't resist Nareenat's bag! :)
I like its simplicity and color combo.The patterns are printed with traditional batik techniques.Gorgeous! It was exciting to wait for my
package arriving from Thailand!:) And it's arrived - and I fell in love
with the hand-made idea again! It was carefully wrapped with a little
note from the seller... You just feel the "human touch" - you can be
sure it was made with love.

Nareenat wrote:
"They might not look 100% perfect like the machine-made items, but handicrafts are more valuable as they always have a story behind them. They brought my husband and me together."

I DO love the bag. It is cute, perfect for summer. But what is much more
important: I feel a connection. Connection with a people whom I've never
met. This bag is not just a new bag in my collection. This was made by a
friend. And these small bounds makes this cruel world a little more
live-able. Can you ask more from a bag?

Egy kezmuves oldal, ahova sokszor jarok: National Geographic Novica .
Kezmuvesek Bali szigeterol, Tajfold, Brazilia,Andok eldugott kis faluibol... Olyan helyekrol, ahol ezek a kezmuvesek idoben es terben elzarva eltek, generaciok egymasnak adtak at a kezmuves tudasukat - s a "nagyvilag" mindebbol szinte semmit sem latott. Most viszont reszesei lehetunk ezeknek a csodaknak - tobbek kozott Novica-nak koszonhetoen. Ebben az internetes boltban nem csak vasarolni lehet...olvashatsz ezekrol a kezmuvesekrol, - ez legalabb annyira erdekes, mint latni az alkotasaikat. Te, mint vasarlo is irhatsz magadrol... ezert is "Novica Nation", mert ez valoban egy kis kozosseg. S megejtettem elso vasarlasom is! :) Egy vaszontaska Tajfoldrol, hagyomanyos batikolt technikaval!:) Gyujtemenyem van a vaszontaskakbol, de Nareenat taskajanak nem birtam ellenallni!:) Izgatottam vartam a kis csomagom a tavoli kis falubol! Es megerkezett!:) Es ekkor ujra beleszerettem mindabba, amit a KEZMUVES-seg jelent! A taska csinosan csomagolva, mellekelve egy rovid leiras a Novica-rol, taskarol, Tajfoldrol....Nareenat meg abba is beavat, hogy a ferjevel is kezmuvesseg hozta ossze....:)
Nagyon tetszik a taska, tokeletes nyari darab. DE! ennel sokkal fontosabb, hogy barmikor amikor hasznalom, akkor erzem mogotte azt a sokszor hianyolt emberi kapcsolatot.Ez nem egy taska a gyujtemenyemben. Ugy erzem, ezt egy barat keszitette a messzi-tavolban. Sosem talalkozunk de mar kozunk van egymashoz.
S ettol maris egy kicsit elhetobb ez a Fold nevu lakhelyunk. Lehet egy taskatol ennel tobbet varni?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And something with fabric

While my glass pieces were in the kiln for a several hours procedure I made this fabric covered button jewelry set. It was fun:) I've started collecting fabrics too from around the world... I DO need a bigger studio ASAP!:)

Kis kirandulas a textilekszerek fele... amig az uvegek formalodnak a kemenceben. :) Szeretem a textileket, kulonfele anyagokat, el is kezdtem ezeket is gyujteni...Tenyleg nagyon jo lenne egy nagyobb muhely!:)

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Squares and a Pebble

New listing on Etsy for those who like simple, clean lines, and geometric design.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

The spirit of Easter
Is all about Hope,
Love and joyful living
Happy Easter!

Gudrun Sjödén

I don't remember when I saw SG's design first. All I remember that I was
stunned by her originality. Everything she does screams happiness! Her
clothes, textiles, home decors... Just looking at her work makes you
smile. Could there be any bigger achievement? I LOVE her colorful world,
I LOVE her cheerful design, I LOVE her artsy and unique fashion - I have
several favorite dresses, I 'm a big fan of layered look - dress over
pants, etc... I LOVE her gorgeous textiles and fabric - Awwww!! Just so
Take a look yourself, make your day a little brighter and happier

Nem tudom mikor talalkoztam eloszor Gudrun Sjoden munkaival, csak arra emlekszem, hogy egybol elvarazsolt! Barmit alkot abbol a BOLDOGSAG arad. Csak atlapozni a katalogusat mar jobbkedvre derit. Szeretem a szines vilagat,ruhait - mindig nagy kedveloje voltam az ilyen reteges szereleseknek, nadragra ruha, stb:) - Nagyon szeretem a lakas textiljeit, anyagait, szonyegeit....Szeretem ezt az egyedi, kicsit bolondos es nagyon boldog vilagot, amit GS teremt.
Nezzetek be hozza, biztos vagyok benne, hogy egy kicsit mar ez is szebbe teszi a napotokat!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue and Green and Cool and Necklace :)

I wanted to create a casual, funky necklace for Spring. Something simple still stylish. On the pendant I used blue and green glass frit and powder. To keep the low-key style I used multi-strand waxed cotton cord. I think it turned out cool and cheerful. What do you think?:)

Laza tavasz:) A terv pont ez volt....tavaszi,"funky", csavarosan egyszeru lancot kesziteni. Kek, zold uvegport hasznaltam, s "texturazott" uveget - ettol lett kicsit csikos is...A viaszos, tobbszalas zsineg mar a kesz medalhoz keszult. Szerintem vidam darab lett. Szerinted?:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

A wild duck taking a bath/ Vadkacsa lubic

Weekend, busy mall... a wild duck having fun in the fountain not bothered by
the busy world around her...:-) She dives, swims around, splashes her
wings, dives again, loving every minute... I wish you all such a
carefree and fun week!:)

Hetvege, bevasarlo-kozpont tele emberekkel, nyuzsges, surges-forgas....s egy vadkacsa!:) Ki tudja honnan tevedt ide, de lathatoan jol erzi magat a szokokutban!:) Mit sem torodve a kulvilaggal lubickol, alamerul, csapkod, megmartozik ujra, uszkal - elvezve minden pillanatot!:)
Ilyen gondtalan, szabadon onfeledt hetet kivanok Nektek!:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Listening Wind

I can't stop listening to Peter Gabriel's new CD. This song is on replay... it is just so emotional in a quiet way....Mmmmmm, so beautiful. One more time!:)

work in progress

I've been working on a new collection - and I'm so excited! These jewelries will go to Los Angeles'  new indie handmade store called Co-op 28. It will be opening in June in Hollywood!:) Talk about location....;-)
It is going to be a "modern with a vintage edge" shop. Just what I like!:)  I'll keep you posted about the progress.
For now a little creative mess... in the kiln pendants are waiting for their second firing - means another 8+ hour firing and annealing procedure.  Oh well, glass fusing is not an instant business!:)

Nagy az izgalom!:) Egy uj "kollekcion" dolgozom, ami egyenesen Hollywood-ba megy!:) Juniusban nyilik az uj "indie" kezmuves bolt, Co-op 28 neven. A tervek szerint a bolt arculata modern egy kis vintage-el megcifrazva. Azt meg ugye szeressuk!:) ) Majd mutatom a folyamatot, most csak egy kis kreativ rendetlenseg....A kemenceben a medalok varjak a masodik egetest. Ez ujbol egy tobb,mint 8 oras egetesi, hutesi procedura.  Szerencsere mar a kemencek is komputer vezereltek, elore programozhatoak, igy nem kell mellettuk bebiszittelni!:) Igy is 2-3 nap, mire vegleges formajat elnyeri az ekszer....No, de ki mondta, hogy az uvegezes egy instant biznisz?!:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Feature

Please check out Elsa's blog where she features artists and artisians from around the world. The latest is Glassimo.:)
Be sure to look around in
Elsa's shop, too - she is a very talented hat and fashion accessory designer.
Thank you Elsa!:)

Nezzetek be
Elsa blogjaba - kezmuveseket mutat be szerte a nagyvilagbol. Legutobbi Glassimo!:)
Erdemes Elsa
Etsy boltjaba is bekukkantani, eredeti fejdiszeket, ekszereket talaltok!
Koszonom Elsa!:)

σας ευχαριστούμε!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mothers's Day Sale

Treat your young at heart Mother with a unique Glassimo jewelry!:)


Monday, April 4, 2011


Tecate/Mexico is just a few miles from San Diego. You drive for about an hour and arrive in a different world. Although located adjacent to the U.S. border, Tecate is not along the tourist-route. It is one of the most authentic, charming Mexican towns in all of Baja. Local people live their everyday-life there. And this life is not easy. To be precise, for most people life is a struggle there. But what you see are vivid colors, what you hear is music. Everywhere. These people have a different approach to life. They play music and dance even at sad occasions. Their clothes and houses scream of colors! I don't want to be demagogue but we - more fortunate people - could learn a few basic things from them: what is important and what is not...
We were in Tecate on Sunday. Here - after church- everybody gathers in the shadows of large trees in the main Plaza. Native Mexican Indians sell their crafts, locals are socializing, playing games, relaxing or just watching people. Mariachi bands play at the tables (but never bother you so aggressively as in Tijuana)... It is just so peaceful here - I felt myself in a different era. Some says "not much to do here" - no shopping, no galleries, no fancy restaurants, cafes... It is true. But I would say just being there, seeing these wonderful hard-working people, just "doing nothing" what all we need sometimes. Just get out from our comfort zone - and we will be more comfortable with it next time.
And next time we must check out the famous brewery too!:)

2011apr.Tecate, a set on Flickr.

Tecate/Mexiko csak nehany kilometer San Diegotol. Kb 1 oras vezetes utan egy teljesen mas vilagba erkezunk. Annak ellenere, hogy ez egy hatarmenti kisvaros, megsem valt turista attrakciova. Itt a helyiekkel talalkozni, s nem turistakkal. A helyiek elik a mindennapi eletuket - s az elet nem konnyu errefele! Az emberek tobbsege megelhetesi gondokkal kuzd. De megis egeszen mas a hozzaallasuk - mas a tulelesi strategiajuk. Itt mindig es mindenhonnan zene szol, a legnyomorusagosabb haz is "csakazertis" vidam szinekben pompazik, itt enekelve temetnek, tancolva unnepelnek. Nem szeretnek demagog lenni, de mi -akiknek tobb szerencse adatott - tanulhatnank toluk nehany alapdolgot..mi fontos,mi nem....

Vasarnap voltunk Tecateban. Itt delelott templomban vannak az emberek, majd osszegyulnek a Fo-teren. Az indianok aruljak a kezmuves portekaikat, ferfiak sakkoznak es mindenfele tarsasjatekoznak ( soroskupakokkal:)) , mariachi zeneszek szorakoztatjak az asztaltarsasagokat,(sosem tolakodoan!), az emberek egyszeruen csak beszelgetnek, elvezik egymas tarsasagat....Az egesznek van egy nagyon bekes, meghitt hangulata! Van aki azt mondja, "nincs mit csinalni Tecate-ban"....Igaz. Nincsenek boltok, aruhazak, puccos ettermek, kavezok, galeriak...De ugy erzem, pont ez amire igazan szuksegunk van idonkent. Eleg csak kicsit megallni, kicsit kimozdulni a kis komfort-zonankbol. Csak elvezni a jelent, egy teren lenni ezekkel emberekkel egy vasarnap delutan. S orulni, hogy mindez megadatik.

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