Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Is anyone still here? :)I hope that you all are having a great Summer!

Long time since I posted... I have my reasons - I don't want to bore you with details. But now I am back and I'll try keep my blog updated. I've noticed that many of my fellow bloggers choose Facebook business page, Pinterest etc to socialize with fans and friends - it is faster, easier... but blogging is more personal - and I missed it. I can't fill all the missed posts so lets start fresh now.

I had to take an urgent break from my work. I just shut the door of my studio and left for Hungary for almost two months. So when I came back few days ago the first thing I needed to do in my workshop was cleaning and organizing. After several hours of hard work my workspace is better than ever and I am ready for work. A serving plate  is in the kiln now for the first procedure - will be ready in two days - I'll show you then.
Until, here are a few pics of my well-organized (OK, it's not a kitchen! :) ) studio:

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