Monday, May 23, 2011

Today's Collage

Today's pictures. Both of them. Somehow I feel they are related. Or just
look good together. The black ring and the red cherry. Anyways. 
Have a great week everyone!:)

Ket mai - egymastol fuggetlenul keszult kep. Aztan ugy ereztem, valahogy osszetartoznak. Vagy, hogy csak jol neznek ki egyutt. A fekete uveg-gyuru a piros cseresznyevel. Csak ugy. A lenyeg, hogy legyen szep hetetek!:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Brown Paper Bag Collage Floor

I think this is one of the best, easiest, inexpensive, everybody-can-do-it "green" idea! Paper Bag Collage Floor!
We all have tons of brown bags - usually (hopefully) we just recycle them. But with this technique we can reuse them at home! This fabulous solution is almost free! Looks great, durable, it will camouflage a lot of dirt, easy to clean - just sweep and mop - Perfect for an art studio!

You can read about this herehere. and here ... and tell me - isn't that great idea?:)

Szerintem az egyik legokosabb, legolcsobb, leghasznosabb "Zold" otlet :  Hasznalt Barna Csomagolopapirbol Padloburkolo! Minden haztartasban halomszamra gyulnek a barna papirzacskok ( Az USA-ban foleg) amit legjobb esetben szelektiv hulladekkent osszegyujtunk. Ezzel az egyszeru technikaval viszont otthon is ujrahasznosithatjuk! Birja a strapat, olcso, konnyu tisztitani, igenytelen - es meg jol is nez ki!  Kezmuves muhelyekbe, studiokba tokeletes!  


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Co-op 28

The last few weeks were really hectic for us.... Good and bad things
From work perspective I've been very busy - which is good!:) As I
mentioned in my previous post the weather was cooperative, I stayed
inside - so I could finish my collection for LA's Co-op 28.
It is so exiting! The "meet and greet" party last Thursday was really
cool, I've met with Marci the owner and few other members of Co-op 28.
Many talented, original artists - this store will rock!:) If you are in
the area please go and visit (opening in June) and spread the word!:)
Few pictures of my Co-op 28 collection before they take off to LA!:)

Eleg zuros par het van mogottunk, tortent jo es rossz is... Munka teruleten viszont csupa jo!:)
Ahogy az elozo posztban irtam, az ido is egyuttmukodott, igy befejeztem a Co-op 28 -nak keszult kollekciot is! :) Szombaton volt a "meet and greet" talalkozo Marcival, az uzlet tulajdonosaval es a tobbi kezmuvessel, muvesszel, akikkel ott fogunk arulni. Nagyon laza es funky uzlet lesz, sok sok eredeti aruval, ruhak, ejszerek,( igy hagyom,ha mar elirtam!:))) papir, bor, textil, persze uveg!:)
Szoval izgalmas!:) Nehany kep a Glassimo kollekciobol, mielott utjukra engedem oket!:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

today's forecast

It is raining today. Perfect weather if you have lots of work to do
inside! And rain can be beautiful and inspiring too...
Have a great day everyone (sunny if you wish!:)

Esik eso, szep csendesen.... En meg futok tovabb,mint rendesen:) Tokeletes ido, ha sok a munka idebent..:) S innen belulrol egeszen szepnek es inspiralonak latom !:)
Szep napot mindenkinek ( naposabbat, ha ugy szeretnetek!:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

single color

I'm not always that colorful....New listing on Etsy:

Nem vagyok mindig szines... Most pl. nem:) Etsyn


The best season in our garden is May when jasmine starts to bloom! Every
year I wish I could share the magic sense of these lush bushes.
Other plants are getting alive as well.. Just looking at them fill you
with energy!:) With those I wish you all a fresh, happy, and inspiring
new week!

Majus a legszebb honap a kertunkben, ekkor viragzik a jazmin! Ugy lenne az igazi, ha csatolhatnam az illatat is! Tomeny bujasag!:)
A tobbi virag is eletre kelt - arad beloluk az energia, vidamsag, megujulas!:)
Legyen ilyen vidam a hetetek!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Brings Flowers To Home Decor

Floral motifs are everywhere - on furniture, textiles, wall art and accessories. (And on Glassimo of course!:)
The flowers can be small, dainty prints reminiscent of old country cottons, Asian inspired design or large scale contemporary floral - I love them all. (Not together for sure!:)
As I've read it in an interior design trade journal the current hot colors are teal, berries, caramel, sage... (other magazines mentioned other colors and anyway - I like what I like - in spite of trends:))
I would use these floral motifs as a happy accent in any room - but careful, if there are too many of them they start to fight with each-other and it is not pretty!:)

Few of my favorite pieces:

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