Tuesday, October 12, 2010


To me blogging is all about sharing. Sharing thoughts, everyday's beauties, ups and downs - random finds, things which interest me somehow. I always respect organizations or individual initiatives which try to make our world a little more livable for those who are less fortunate, who stand up for humanity, equality, and fair trade.

I'm glad to be able to find Mzuribeads's website . They are beaders who live in Uganda and make amazingly beautiful beads from recycled magazines.

"Mzuribeads is one of the many inspirational projects moving away from charitable aid, and onto the concept of business enterprise for sustainable income and development."

Please read their story and browse through their site which is full with not just gorgeous beads but love.

Szamomra a bloggolas = megosztas. Megosztasa annak, amit valamilyen oknal fogva epp erdekesnek talalok -mindennapi apro szepsegek, tortenesek, izgalmas weboldalak - pl most a Mzuribeads-e. Veletlen talaltam rajuk - nagy oromomre!:)  Ugandai gyongykeszitok, akik osszegyujtik a magazinokat,szines ujsagokat, posztereket - es abbol elkepeszto csoda-gyongyoket keszitenek!  Probaljak az eletuk iranyitasat a kezukbe venni , nem adomanyoktol fuggeni.
Olvassatok el a tortenetuket vagy/es nezzetek meg mire kepesek a szinte semmibol.....

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kinema üvegékszer said...

Ez valami eszelősen jó!!!:-D

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