Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I like to make Treasuries on Etsy! It is the best way to discover amazing artisan's shops and make new friends, promote their work, express your style etc. - It's fun. I choose very different themes like - hippie chic, poppies, cool mint, browns, grays, ocean etc....They are all different and they are all me. :)

You can take a look here: Glassimo's Treasuries

Szeretek Etsy Treasury-ket csinalni!:) Ez a legjobb mod arra, hogy ratalaljunk tehetseges kezmuvesekre, uj baratokra, egymas munkait "promotaljuk", magunk stilusat megmutassuk stb. Legkulonfelebb temakat valasztottam az eddigi szemezgetesemben, igy volt mar hippi sikk, epult szinek kore ( barna, szurke, mint, rozsaszin stb) volt temaja a pipacs es a tenger....:)Mind kulonbozo, de mind, ahogy en szeretem:)

Itt megnezhetitek a folyamatosan bovulo kollekciokat:) Glassimo's Treasuries


Bohemian girl said...

How do you get a chance to make treasuries? They are always full and when they are not, they are gone fast. I like yours, I just browsed few of them for a long time.

juditsd said...

I have NEVER made Main Treasury - i think it was insane!:)
But you can make as much Treasury East as you wish - its easy : you create it and post it.

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