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Monhegan Island/ Maine

After Portland next is Monhegan Island - our real destination. Monhegan a small, rocky island about 20 km from the main land. Indian fishermen used to live there and this profession is still dominant although more and more artists are moving there. Most of them live on the island only in the Summer - the total number of full-time residents is about 65-70 people according to the official statistics. No cars or bikes allowed - only few commercial trucks drive on the dirt roads of the island. There are two hotels on the island but most of the rooms share common bathroom:) No TV or computers and even electricity has only been available for the last couple of years... This is America, too!:) It is a very calm and peaceful place - seagulls wake you up in the morning. Everything slows down and all your worries and stress disappears. The craziness of civilized life gets left behind as soon as you step on the island. Nobody hurries here anywhere... But I also reminded of Agatha Christie...:) Slow walks, reading, lobsters, quiet, seagulls... and everywhere lots of lilac!!!!:)

Pictures are HERE:


Portlandet elhagyva irany Monhegan Island, ami tulajdonkepp a fo uticelunk volt.
Monhegan egy aproka, sziklas sziget, kb 20km-re a szarazfoldtol. Regen halaszo indianok laktak, s ez a foglalkozas meg mindig meghatarozo a sziget lakoi kozott, bar egyre inkabb muveszek veszik birtokba. Tobbseguk csak nyaron alkot itt, az adatok szerint azon lakosok szama, akik egesz evben itt elnek, ma se haladja meg a 65-70 fot. Autok es kerekparok is kitiltva, csak nehany helyi kisteherauto jarja a foldutakat. Ket szalloda van, ahol a legtobb szoba meg ma is olyannyira puritan, hogy nincs furdoszoba csak a folyoson.:) Nincs TV, nincs kompjuter, elektromossag is csak par eve...Igen, ez is Amerika! :) Van viszont csend, beke, reggeli siraly ebreszto, minden lelassul, az ember idegcsomoi is kioldodnak, ertelmet veszti a civilazios porges, amit otthagytunk a vizen tul. Itt senki sem siet sehova....Azert Agatha Christie is eszembejutott....:)Lassu setak, olvasas, lobster, csend, mindenhol rengeteg orgona!!!!:)


pinya kolada said...

Hihetetlen, bárhova mész, olyan színeseket fotózol, hogy csak ámulok. Még olyan unalmasnak tünö témáról, mint pl. a hajókötelek... Nekem az a fotó lett a mai kedvencem.

juditsd said...

Koszonom!:) Pedig egyfolytaban keszulok visszaterni a fekete-feher fotozashoz, de elcsabitanak a szinek...:)

Kinema said...

Nagyon élveznék egy ilyen helyet! Nyugi, séta, pihenés....:-))

Ron Huber said...

Judit, what brought you such joy on Monhegan is in peril!

Well meaning windfarm researchers of the University of Maine propose setting up a floating Offshore Wind Research and Development Center only two nautical mile off Monhegan's Lobster Cove.

While these will only be halfsized prototype windtowers - and won't even produce any power for Monhegan or the mainland - they will for the foreseeable future dominate the view from all south-facing elevations on the island.

Daytime: in the morning, as the horizon brightens, the first rays of the rising start flickering through the mills as the sun backlights the spinning blade.

Throughout the day the spin/flicker shall tug at every eye, even when only in one's peripheral vision. Then at night, the deep star-drenched cosmos rising from the pathless horizon will be punctuated by the thirteen to 30 blinkers that the facility must operate for navigation purposes.

This need not happen. Maine Superior Court this moment is considering a case to require the University to relocate its plan to one of the other five locations that it picked Monhegan from.

What is needed to bring the University to its senses are artists who have responded to the beauty of Monhegan and then channeled it through brush, pen, chisel, pen or lens. You would be part of a panel to inform the court on the scenic value, the ineffable grandeur of Monhegan that for centuries has been translated through the Arts. Interested? Contact Penobscot Bay Watch 207-691-7485 or for details. More info on the case: click on

No fees or charges of any sort will be requested or likely available for taking part in this panel.

Stand up for Beauty!

Ron Huber
Penobscot Bay Watch

juditsd said...

Thank you Ron for bringing this issue to my attention.

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