Sunday, April 25, 2010


The plan was to have a relaxing weekend but it turned out to be one of the most hectic ones. On Friday we went to the theater to see Ibsen's Ghost. Just right before the first intermission a gentlemen in our row fainted. All of the sudden people around him started to scream for 911 and CPR. It was so scary! The show stopped and everybody had to leave the room...We were all concerned for this man. Fortunately he regain consciousness quickly - his face was as white as a wall but he was OK and waited for the ambulance outside. The show continued - but it was really a troubling experience and afterwards it was hard to concentrate on Ibsen's moralizing.
Unexpectedly, I was given an opportunity to be a vendor on Sunday so all of Saturday I was getting ready for the craft market. Now it is the end of the week and I'm so tired:) Let's start the working days!:) Few pictures were taken during the weekend - I wish you a great week with these!:)


Dallas Shaw said...

gorgeous color

lisaroy said...

what an unfortunate theatre experience - I can see why you'd be a bit shaken after that.
Hope your vendor experience went well and ended your weekend off nicely. great pics by the way!

juditsd said...

Thank you Dallas and Lisa!:)

The market was slow and cold!! But it was fun anyways:)

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