Friday, April 30, 2010

Blenko Glass

I like glass bottles and tableware! Especially the ones which are modern, simple, minimal in solid colors and with beautiful and elegant shapes. So I was happy to find an article about the Blenko Glass which is run by the fourth generation of the family. Blenko is now the oldest remaining producer of hand-blown glass in America.

They story shortly:

The original Blenko Glass Company was begun in 1893 when founder William J. Blenko came to America with the intention of starting a company to produce the glass used in stained glass windows. At that time all stained glass panels were only produced in Europe and he could see a future market opening up in the United States.

Unfortunately the company had to close it's doors ten years later, as well as two other glass companies started by Blenko in the 1909 time frame.

In 1921 one more time proved to be the charm with the start of William Blenko's newest company, The Eureka Glass Company. The company produced glass for stained glass windows, but with slow sales during the beginning of the depression, the company decided to expand offerings to include art glass and tableware.

The company's name was officially changed to The Blenko Glass Company in 1930.

Blenko is still the only company in the United States to produce antique glass panels.

Throughout the years, the company has remained in the family and the reins have passed down from father to son to grandson and on down the line.
official Blenko Collectors Society web site, please visit:

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