Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One of my fav TV channel is the Sundance Channel because of their out-of-the-mainstream approach.

Now I found out (never too late :)) that they have an online catalog for clothing, home accessories - and I LOVE it!:)

Here what Robert Redford said:

A Place. An Idea.
Celebrating and Enriching
the Human Experience.

"To us, Sundance is and always will be a dream. What you see, smell, taste and feel here is a dream being carefully nurtured. It is an area whose pledge is to people. What we offer in the form of art and culture, spirit and service, is homegrown and available to all."

Sould I say more?:)

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anaisz said...

Uhh! Azok a lenti anyagok.. csodálatosak!

Az ágy is tetszik.. mertbár nem szeretem a túlontúl élénk dolgokat.. de ilyen szolíd, letisztult ággyal együtt nagyon kellemesen mutat!

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