Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A new necklace

As you might have already noticed I always try out new techniques and styles.:) It is so fascinating to explore the countless possible ways of shaping glass. On this pendant I combined two techniques: on clear glass I hand painted the base with gray and red Glassline paint. I accented this with black glass frit. The top layer is clear glass. Because of the layers you can see the "depth" of the pendant. Glass fusing is a never ending joy, I feel so lucky!:)

Ahogy mar talan eddig is kiderult, nagyon szeretek probalkozni,felfedezni,kitalalni uj technikat, stilusokat amivel az uveget formalhatom. Egyik technika hozza az ujabbat, egyik otlet a masikat:) Ez a medal kezzel festett, kulon a retegek, majd ezek a retegek "fusing" technikaval olvadtak eggye. Vegtelen lehetosegek!:)


anaisz said...

Nagyon érdekes lett! :)

juditsd said...
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