Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yigal Azrouël

I'm not really into trendy fashion design and designers. It is just not my interest. I do like any other kind of design - I don't know why fashion sometimes even annoys me....I travel a lot and I usually do not stay on the well-travelled path. I like to go behind a surface (literally) and if you peek just a little behind the surface, just a little beyond our comfort zone - you will see what the majority of the world is dealing with everyday. From this point of view the "haute couture" sounds a little ridiculously cynical. Anyways, what I wanted to talk about is the Israeli Yigal Azrouël!:) I mean his design (I'm sure that many women talk about him - just take a look at his picture!:P))

I must admit that I've never heard of him before.:( I was looking through a magazine while I was waiting in the hair salon.......and then - there was Yigal!:) I just love all of his designs. I wish I could wear them!! (age, weight etc:)) Its feminine but not cutesy girly:)

“When a woman wakes up and does herself up a little, that's great. Nothing too contrived, something more natural. She's comfortable and confident. She doesn't feel like she has to watch herself in the mirror every minute."”

—Yigal Azrouël

Now I have a favorite fashion designer!:)

More here.

Nem igazan erdekelnek a trendek, divatok, divatos "fashion" diktatorok. Nem tudom miert van, hiszen minden egyeb design erdekel- szeretem-tanultam-tanulom....de maga a divat sokszor inkabb irrital,mint erdekelne:) Ki ert:)... Foleg az ilyen haute couture finomsagok.. Utazasaink soran, -mikor az ember vallalja, hogy leter a jol bejarodott turista utvonalakrol, kicsit kimozdul a komfort zonajabol - s latja, hogy a fold lakossaganak tobbsegenek mirol is szol az elete - akkor ez a haute couture irritalo ertelmetlenseg. Sajat magam is megtudnam ezt cafolni, de majd maskor:)
nem errol akartam, hanem Yigal-rol:) Sosem hallottam rola, most egy ujsagban talaltam ra.... Hat, csodaszep! O is,meg a ruhai is!!:)) Nagyon bejon(ne) (s meg mindig a ruhairol beszelek!)Noiesek, de nem edeskes, nociskedo, divaskodo.( methogy en az ilyesmit nem szeret)... szoval, , mostmar akkor van egy kedvenc divattervezom!:)


Jewelry by Tara said...

Hi San Diego neighbor! Can I just say that I am now super into Israeli fashion???lol
T♥ aka jewelrybytara, graphicdesignbytara

juditsd said...

Hi Tara

:))) I know it doesn't take long to become his fan:)))

Thanks for visiting my blog!:)

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