Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of January

The first month of this year is already finished! By now, all New Year's Resolution are finished, too:) Not mine - because I've never made a New Year's Resolution. I'm constantly trying to do things differently - so why bother at New Year's Eve with things like:
I will give up chocolates totally. 100%. Completely. Honestly.... Oh, well......:)

So January is over and the weather hardly reminds us of winter here in SD.

It is time to start to work on my Spring collection :)
The piece I did was that I showed you before it became a plate....
Now I'm working on jewelry and home decor pieces in parallel. I'm taking a PMC(precious metal clay) class!:) I've always wanted to expand my jewelry making skills and repertoire such as mixing fused glass with a different medium. PMC is a very promising material with endless possibilities. I'm excited:)

I saw an interesting movie yesterday! I would not say it is the best movie I've ever, it is kind of cliché, but it gives credit to passionate people - like scientists and people who fight for someone... Because my husband is a scientist who does drug research I personally hear many similar stories about drug research and many different stories about diseases... I don't understand the science part - but the work of scientists just fascinates me! Hats off. And hats off to those who go against the common wisdom just to save their child. "Don't hope for a miracle. Make one."

It's about my weekend - I wish you all a happy new week, happy February!

Mar vege is a januarnak, kb az ujevi fogadalmaknak is!:) Mar aki tesz ilyet - en nem igazan.....
Mig az otthoni zord idorol olvasok, itt szinte semmi sem emlekeztet a telre.....
Dolgozom parhuzamosan az ekszereken, talakon, kepeken.....
A multkoribol, amit mutattam valoban tal lett, s nem falikep:)
Elkezdtem egy PMC osztalyt, izgalmasnak tunik, szeretnem majd az uveget otvozni az ezusttel es mas anyagokkal is.

Mas. Lattunk tegnap egy erdekes filmet. Klises, halivudis, de valahol megis erdekes volt- talan azert is, mivel ferjem gyogyszerkutato, s tole rengeteg hasonlo tortenetet hallottam, latom a munkajukat, micsoda megszallottan dolgoznak uj gyogyszereken......Szoval, kalap le minden kutato es olyan ember elott, aki sokszor a jozanesszel is szembemennek, -itt most a fimbeli apara utalva.
Ennyit a hetvegerol - mindenkinek vidam uj hetet es vidam februart!:)


Pattie said...

Yea resolutions are bleh...but i actually had some this year...hmm...make that have!

I'm actually sticking to I guess they weren't REAL resolutions lol

juditsd said...

Good luck Pattie!

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