Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Vintage

New medium, new line, new style - My Vintage.

This is the first piece of my new project for a shop. It is not fused glass, not modern but still Glassimo. My Vintage Line. For this jewelry collection I will be using hand-made unique papers from around the world, vintage finds and later on I'll combine it with fused glass and enamel... or whatever I find interesting to create a truly unique and happy jewelry.
More challenges = more fun. New path - hope you'll come with me!:) More to come soon!


zsudit said...

Nagyon tetszik! Vidam, szep! Persze, hogy jovunk veled az uj iranyba :-))))

juditsd said...


Almost Precious said...

Lovely pendant. It has an Old World look to it and the cute, multi colored dangles make it bright and youthful. A great combination.

juditsd said...

Thank you so much!:) I don't want to get too cutesy so I always listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Keys etc while I' am working on " my vintage" jewelry:)) So much fun to work on something else than my glass pieces!:)

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

This is lovely!!

Found you through Etsy Blog team, following you now! :)

juditsd said...

Thanks Tina - I'll follow you back:)

Móni said...

Judit, nagyon szépek a munkáid, de ez a nyaklánc valami fantasztikus!! Annyira az én szinvilágom, stilusom, ritkán veszek ékszereket, de ezt nagyon szeretném, ha megvan még és eladó!
majd irok még a FB-on is, hátha ezt nem olvasod mindig...

juditsd said...

megbeszeljuk! :)

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