Thursday, October 25, 2012

My submission.....

And finally!!:) My submission for the Wardrobe Stylish of The Vampires Diaries. I wanted to design something truly original, mysterious, something that whispers danger....What do you think?:)


Artemis said...

Ez valami fenomenális, nagyon, nagyon tetszik! ! !

juditsd said...

Aranyos vagy, koszonom!:)

Almost Precious said...

It looks mysterious and dark, but yet very pretty.

juditsd, I can't seem to find you in my list of followers are you sure you completed the procedure? Some times there are several pages or things that one needs to click before they become recognized as a follower.

juditsd said...

Thank you AP:) ( I'm following your blog under the name of judit) XO

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