Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our new home

Dear Friends,

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Summer so far.
I'm extremely busy - this time not with my glass pieces but with our move... After two years (! yes, you've read it correctly!:) of intense and arduous house hunting we've finally found our new home! It is beautiful - and will be more beautiful after we make it to fit our taste - which is simple, comfortable modern mixed with old, vintage pieces....We're in the middle of the remodeling - hopefully the major work will be finished by end of this month. I'll show you the progress - for now just a little peak view:) I feel so blessed!:)
Kedves Baratok!:)
Remelem mindannyiotoknak jol telik a nyar!
A hosszu blog-szunet oka a koltozkodesunk. 2 ev (!!) hosszu es frusztralo hazkereses utan vegre megtalaltuk az uj otthonunkat! Gyonyoru - es meg szebb lesz, ha kicsit a sajat izlesunkre alakitjuk - egyszeru,kenyelmes modern stilus  keverve a regi darabokkal....Atalakitas kozepen vagyunk - majd mutatom a fejlemenyeket - most csak egy kis bepillantas...:) Tovabbi szep nyarat!


Ann Martin said...

How pretty! Congratulations!

juditsd said...

Thank you Ann!

Thea said...

Én is gratulálok!
Nagyon szépek a részletképek alapján is!

juditsd said...


zsudit said...

Gratulalok az uj hazatokhoz, legyen nagyon sok orometek benne! Van uszomedencetek is? Jovok azonnal! :-)))
Merre van? A kep alajan nem tudtam megallapitani :-)))
Jo berendezkedest!

juditsd said...

Koszonjuk Zsudit!:) Carlsbadban van - es termeszetesen barmikor szivesen latunk Benneteket! :) Nincs mostanaban konferencia SD_ben?:) pussz!

Abdul said...

I’m glad that, after two years of diligent house hunting, you finally found your dream home! Even without completely seeing pictures of your home in its entirety, I can say that your house is absolutely dazzling! I hope you can post more pictures of your new house. I’m so excited to find out how it looks after the remodeling!
Abdul Jackson/

juditsd said...

Thank you!:) Pictures are coming soon!:)

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