Saturday, July 14, 2012

My kitchen project

When we were looking for our new house I knew that we most likely needed to remodel our kitchen -  because of the today's kitchen trend: fully furnished, heavy and expensive cabinets, multi-color granite/marble countertops (what I don't like)  etc.- everything is more about entertainment than actually a  practical  cooking area. We're not into the posh style, we wanted something more modest and fun. I have a strong vision of my kitchen: light, airy, simple, little funky, very informal, laid-back, functional, not too big but big enough...:) So I was trilled when I saw  the kitchen in this house. White cabinets, white walls, brown hardwood flooring, big windows to the garden.....I did not like the granite countertop and the backsplash tile, but they can be easily changed... Perfect. Well. Almost. The previous owner - to level the upper cabinets to the pantry - or who knows why - put the wall cabinets way too high...( The old owner's wife is shorter than me so it was not the reason...) It is a "small" thing but in a long run can be really uncomfortable... What can we do....Without a major remodeling we can't lower the cabinets, the top will not fit to the pantry, the microwave is built in etc... So the cabinets on that wall must stay... but! On the opposite side where the window is  - I can do something. And why don't do what I always wanted - open shelves! :) So I made my research first. I wanted reclaimed wood shelves... I was looking around in the city's salvage shops and online... not much luck. Of course you can buy very stylish salvage shelves - for a fortune. Like this one: 

I thought I can make something similar for the fraction of the cost. I bought plain pine wood in the Home Depot, (they cut it for you), a wood stain, brushes.. .and I was ready to make these wood shelves look old!  I'll post a whole procedure with pictures  - when it's  done. I've stained 6 of the 8 shelves already...I think they look awesome!:) I'll buy industrial style brackets and they are ready for installation! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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