Monday, September 26, 2011

My Brightest Diamond

I was at a concert on Saturday. At a remarkable concert! I've discovered
My Brightest Diamond recently so I was very happy to find out that they
were coming to town and perform at Carlsbad Music Festival.
The singer Shara Worden classically trained in opera and play multiple
instruments. I don't even want to categorize her style... Her music is
wild and sensitive, mesmerizing and rough. The lyrics are like poems...
A petite singer with a huge character. LOVE HER!
She is on tour so if you have a chance don't miss her performance. (Or
buy her CDs - the new is coming out in October!)
And here is my one of my favorite songs:

Szombaton koncerten voltam. Egy szuper-jo koncerten! Mostanaban fedeztem fel magamnak Shara Worden, aka My Brightest Diamond zenejet, s igy volt orom, mikor kiderult, hogy felenk koncertezik!:) Nem is probalom behatarolni a stilust, egyszerre erzekeny es nyers, szinpadias es meghitt...Shara kepzett operaenekes, szamtalan hangszeren jatszik, szuggesztiv szinpadi eloado, a szovegek, mint versek, klisek es kozhelyek nelkul..Ahhhh, csodaszep!!! :) Akinek modjaban all meghallgatni,tegye meg - nem banja meg.:)

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