Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hi everyone, I hope that you all are well!

My dear husband surprised me with a MacBook for my Bday... So I've been
busy to figure the new system out since then...:) My biggest challenge
is that I can hardly find anything... I miss my folders, my own way to
save and organize things - but I started to like this new guy too ...:) I
hope that after few days I'll be in much better shape:)
Even though I used to my PC I had many problems with it which I hope
won't be an issue with Mac... Just takes a little time and patience,
right?:) Right.

And back to my work:
I always wanted to make multi-strand necklaces. They are so much fun,
and can add a little kick to the pendants.... Usually I design the other
way around but for this piece the glass pendant was made for this cord
color-combination:) More to come!:)

Sziasztok, remelem mindenki jol!..:)

Draga ferjem meglepett egy MacBook-al a szuletesnapomon!:) Azota probalok eligazodni az uj rendszerben, tobbnyire semmit sem talalok:) Foleg a sajat jol bejaratott modszereim hianyoznak, amik persze a Mac-en nem mukodnek, de azert remelem par nap mulva mar ugyesebb leszek!:) Egy kis ido, turelem, ugye? Ugye.:)

S ami a munkat illeti:
Altalaban eloszor keszul a medal, utana valasztok hozza bort /lancot, de ez most pont forditva  tortent - gombhoz a kabat!:) Megvettem a borszalagokat - s hozza terveztem a medalt.  Szeretem ezeket a tobbszalas bormadzagokat!:) Tobb hasonlo is folyamatban!:)


My Hideaway said...

Love that pendant. And I can sympathize with you about switching technology and the adjustment period. I'm sure you will grow to love your Mac. I'm still a PC girl, but if someone wanted to buy me an iphone, I wouldn't object ;)

juditsd said...

Thanks for your support!:) Mac is great- especially if you work in the creative field...

orsolya vanessza kiss said...


De jóóó ! :)

Segítsek? Én Mac-es vagyok :)

A nyaklánc pedig csodás !! Olyan harmónikus !

juditsd said...

koszi Vanessza!:)))
Legjobb lenne most itt allnal mogottem, s menetkozben segitenel....:)) De szavadon foglak, s majd megkereslek a kerdesekkel!!:)) Koszi!!XO

DoRcY said...

Állati :)

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