Monday, March 21, 2011


I saw this picture in a magazine... (It is a Clarks adv) The minute I saw it made me happy. It might be the cute red Fiat (love it!... (nostalgia for my childhood - in Europe we saw lots of those:) ... or it might be the sea behind it... the yellow bouquet, the smiling model, pretty dress...
I think all that together… This picture just screams happiness!:) Don't you think?:)

Be happy ! XO

Clarks cipo reklam egy magazinbol...De abban a pillanatban, hogy meglattam jobb kedvem lett!:) Nem tudom, hogy ez a kis piros Fiat (nagyon szeretem oket!:) vagy a hatterben a tenger, a sarga viragcsokor, a vidam modell .....valoszinuleg igy egyutt, ami azonnali vidamsagot okoz!:) Szerintetek?:)
Sok vidamsagot erre a hetre! XO

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