Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saint Nicholas/Mikulas

December 6th the is the day when Hungarian Santa, Mikulas makes his rounds, traditionally, by a horse drawn sleigh. It seems that we are all behaved well this year because our Mikulas left chocolate in our shoes today morning!:)
A little about our old tradition:
"Mikulás is the "name day" on the Christian calendar for "Miklós" or Nicholas. In Hungary, Santa doesn't have anything to do with Christmas. He comes on December 6th, and his day is called "Mikulás Nap," or, (St.) Nicholas Day. On this day, Santa, or Mikulás makes his rounds among the shops, schools and parades, just like he does in other countries. Children get candy and chocolate in red wrappings. An older tradition had Mikulás leaving candy or other small goodies in children's shoes or boots, which the children have set out overnight, usually by a window. If they have been "good," they might get candies, tangerines, or chocolates, and sometimes small presents, toys, or books. (This custom may sound similar, but children in Hungary do not hang stockings by the chimney for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve.) Some children leave their candy on the window sill all day, to show how good they have been.
Mikulás nap is celebrated in schools as well as workplaces, where the employees sometimes bring their children for a visit by "Mikulás" who talks to each individual child, and who may even sit in his lap." :)

I took several pictures around the city today....In Cedros Design District in Solana Beach and the second part was taken on the Coronado Island. At the Coronado Hotel (do you remember the movie "Someone likes it hot"? :)) there was an ice rink...People can ice-skate close to the beach, under the palm trees....:) Holiday in Californian style...
It has its own charm!:) More pictures here.


Krisztallit said...

Van egy baráti családunk, anya amerikai,de eredetileg orosz származású, apa magyar. Náluk mindig elég komplikált elmagyarázni a gyerekeknek, hogy ki, mikor hozza az ajándékot.:-)

juditsd said...

Szia Kriszta!:)

Sok hasonlo csaladot ismerunk itt, ha a gyerek szerencses, akkor unneplik Hannukah-t, Karacsonyt,anyuka hagyomanya, apuka hagyomanya, no es a helybeli...:))).Az identitasyudat szerintem ezzel nem beszukul, hanem kitagul...:)

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