Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming for sure!:) We always need a little creativity to get the mood here in Southern California. First of all because of the weather – it is everything but winter. Nothing what is Christmassy: no snow, no frost no sledding, winter mood! And because we always travel home it is a little more hectic for us... I decorate the a house a little here and a little there – I am not complaining, I'm so happy to do that!:) So today I filled a glass vase with red, gold, clear a first piece of decoration!:) Have I mentioned that I like simple stuff?:)


s@só said...

Piros és arany - ez széééééép.
Majd nézz rám a múltkarácsonykörnyéki fotósblogomon.
Én is szeretem az egyszerű dolgokat. Sokszor az a nagyszerű! Na jó, mindig :-D
Nagyon készülsz már a karácsonyra!(?)

Tracy said...

Hi, Thank you so much for visiting--great to meet you and find your very creative place here in blogland. LOVE these images of Christmas decorating and delight! Happy Weekend :o)

juditsd said...

Koszi saso!:) Hogy keszulok e mar?
Hat, ahogy irtam is...igen, ugy amennyire....:)

Hi Tracy,
Your blog is very cool - I really like everything Scandinavian:) Have a great weekend!

juditsd said...

saso.....jut eszembe pirosarany.....:))

s@só said...

Judit!!!! hát persze, hogy persze :))))))))))))))))))))

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