Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Fashion

I'm really happy to see that US trends are following in the footsteps of Europe: instead of using and throwing away plastic grocery bags the trend is to shop with (most often organic material based) reusable bags. And even better these bags are often esthetically pleasing. I have just found the bags from Envirosax which comply with fair-trade requirements and are even beautiful – I would love to buy several of them with different designs!;) Or if I could sew I would sew such grocery bags for all my friends!:)

Nagy orom latni, hogy itt az USA-ban is kezd divatba jonni az Europaban mar oly regota szokas: a plasztik zacskok helyett a tobbszor hasznalatos bevasarlotaskak. S ami megnagyobb orom, hogy meg szepek is ! Most talaltam az Envirosax taskakra, amelyek organikus anyagbol keszulnek, eleget teve a "fair trade" szempontjainak is! Legszivesebben vennek tobb mintaban is, vagy ha varrni tudnek, varrnek minden baratnomnek es persze magamnak is!:)

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