Monday, November 12, 2012


As I mentioned before - I've been working on My Vintage line. I made many earrings and necklaces.... now I am waiting impatiently for my supplies. The first pieces are going to go to a shop but after that Glassimo Vintage will be available on my Artfire online-shop. Just a quick peek view of a simple one:) :


Zuzanna Fyall said...

Beautiful jewellery!!!!
Greetings from Magicpots and the etsy blog team.

juditsd said...

Thanks Zuza!:) And welcome! XO

zsudit said...

Megint nagyon szep! Meg is neztem volna az ArtFire oldaladon, hogy fenn van-e, de eltunt a blogodrol a link. Hova lett?
Tovabbi jo munkat, keszits ma is szepeket!

juditsd said...

Koszi Zsudit! :) Artfire-t majd felrakom, most ures ....
Ma pulyka sul a kemenceben, nem uveg:) XO

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