Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Brings Flowers To Home Decor

Floral motifs are everywhere - on furniture, textiles, wall art and accessories. (And on Glassimo of course!:)
The flowers can be small, dainty prints reminiscent of old country cottons, Asian inspired design or large scale contemporary floral - I love them all. (Not together for sure!:)
As I've read it in an interior design trade journal the current hot colors are teal, berries, caramel, sage... (other magazines mentioned other colors and anyway - I like what I like - in spite of trends:))
I would use these floral motifs as a happy accent in any room - but careful, if there are too many of them they start to fight with each-other and it is not pretty!:)

Few of my favorite pieces:


SisterBatik said...

Great post - I have a very floral living space - it makes me feel very happy to see and paint flowers.

juditsd said...

Thanks for stopping by!:) I'm a huge fan of yours:))

Fairy Cardmaker said...

Wow, that bed is quite stylin'! A spread would be something easy to change with the seasons too. Nice find!

Tricia said...

Great finds! I love the red and white bedding.

Anonymous said...

A piros-feher agy tenyleg klasz! De nekem a szekek is tetszenek, es a parnak.... Persze csak kulon szobaba mindegyik, hogy ne veszekedjenek ;-)
Tetszik a megujult oldalad is:-)

erabera said...

Juditsd! Azoka fotelok!!!Nagyon elfogadnám őket: tiszta energia,vidámság!!!

juditsd said...

nekem is a fotelok a kedvenceim:) but I like them all:")

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