Monday, May 10, 2010

Santa Barbara/CA

Our weekend started on Friday with a great concert in LA's Skirball : Saffron / A Celebration of Rumi .

That's why I like world music! People from totally different cultural and spiritual background create something very new and exciting based on traditional music and poetry. This creative art is very contemporary but in the same time represents timeless values. This is a real intellectual and cultural travel through a mixture of improvisational and composed music, eastern and western sounds, old and new. Every player listens to the others, brings their own world and they are all partners in creating this thrilling experience. ( It would be great to have such experience in the everyday life, in politics, too....)

After the concert we hit the road: the destination was Santa Barbara where we spent the weekend. It is truly the Riviera of America! It is like a treasury box, a little paradise! Perfect weather, ocean, mountains, beautifully kept architecture - we literally were on our feet for 2 days ... just walking around. And yes, we visited wine cellars too!:) Do you remember the movie Sideways?:)

It was an actively relaxing weekend - ready to work now!:)
More pictures are HERE


DoRcY said...

Gyönyörű képek, az a citromfa csodás! :))

Szemereszutyi said...

Eljen Santa Barbara, a SB-i kutyak, biciklik, viragok, tavernak, leesett ventillatorlapatok es borosuvegek!
Ha a geped: Mrs.Kamera ( Mr.? Ms.?) meselni tudna, hogy hany helyen jart mar veled, es hol..., es ha feltennenk neki a kerdest, melyik a kedvence?... nem tudom... csak sejtem, SB az elsok kozott lenne :-)

juditsd said...

Ms Kameranak mindig az a kedvence, ahol legutoljara jart es esett szerelembe:)

krisz said...

Mi csak egyszer jartunk arra, es csak nehany napot toltottunk ott,de ez a ket szo SB olyanna valt mint egy varazsige.

juditsd said...

Szia krisz!:)

Orulok,hogy erre jartal - blogban es SB-ban- ez utobbi valoban egy kis ekszerdoboz, foldi paradicsom:)

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