Thursday, October 15, 2009

happy umbrellas

rainy days are coming - wouldn't it be much happier if no one would walk with black umbrella? The somber scenery would turn flowery!;)

jon a szurke, esos idoszak - nem lenne sokkal vidamabb, ha senki sem hordana fekete esernyot?? Csupa viragzasba borulna a komor taj!:)


krisztallit said...

Most már csupán a vidám üvegek hiányoznak a zord időben:-))

juditsd said...

Szia Kriszta!:)rajtam nem mulik:) bar most szurke-fekete- lilakat csinalok epp:) Azokat is szeretem:)

FriendlyCreationss said...

i adore some colorful fun umbrellas with different patterns :D

juditsd said...

anything from Marimekko!:)

Christie Cottage said...

Funny! I don't own a black umbrella. I do have a tiny navy blue one for the car door. Not sure it has ever been opened. I love fun umbrellas!

I will be following you.

juditsd said...

Hi Christy,

I'm right after you!:)

Zoe of Sleepy Moon Design said...

Very true! My son loves watching out the window on rainy days looking at all the different umbrellas! He is two.

juditsd said...

I do the same Zoe!:)
And I want to buy a very colorful rain boots too!:)

esque said...

Yay, for umbrellas! I made an umbrella stamp once, but it went kaputt!


s@só said...

FUN! :-D

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